タニちゃん 「been begging for the morning to come」
09 20 17 - Welp. That... went. It definitely went.
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Soooo I slept through my alarm. By two hours. Yeaaaah.

So I didn't make it to lecture, because by the time I woke up it was physically impossible!! Yay!!! *sighs*

Still, made it to helpdesk - later than I usually go, I took things slow after realising there was no way I was going to actually get to class - and got two of the things I got stuck on finished, thanks to the help of the tutors there, which is a weight off my mind. And worked on more of the fucking javascript thing, which was due today. Didn't get it done before lab, but I was able to get some help from the tutor and actually!! got it done!!

But I'm just a week behind on that still, because by the time I got the former thing finished I was All Out Of Brains, sigh. So I came home early, which was nice - much less crowded! - and pmuch just passed out on the floor, because... of course I did. *shakes head at self*

Watched this morning's lecture this evening, though, so even though time management failures to the extreme I think it's a net gain?? Probably.

And now going to bed and hopefully will actually get up when my alarm goes off in the morning!! Hopefully.
09 20 17 - And this is why I should've been going to bed earlier the last... weeks.
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Have to be up in less than 5 hours. Didn't even realise what the time was until Azy was grumbling about being up. ARGH I hate early mornings. Haaaate.

In other news, JavaScript is terrible and I hate it. THIS MUCH. (I spent an hour and a half bugfixing one part of the week's homework. Which I spent like two hours on in class as well. Just. Why. Why does it take so long and do so many weird things???)

And now I go to bed and hopefully go to sleep easily enough. (Am sleepy, at least?)
09 19 17 - Wheee
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Got Part Two of the homework that was giving me An Anxiety done today!

Uni stuff )

BUT SPEAKING OF CAT SNUGGLES!! Um I maybe get a bit longwinded. )

Anyway, that's been pretty great. :3 Cats are so awesome, even when they're being butts.
09 18 17 - Sunday
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Got some homework done, did some art... spent a looot of time jiiii-ing the fuck out and playing stupid games on my phone.

Still, things got done, which is a plus!

And bed now. Yup.
09 17 17 - Hey it's Saturday again!
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I didn't do a HUGE amount of things today, but I did go and get snacks - and ran into my Auntie, which was nice! - and did a UI mockup for one of my bits of homework, which helped me figure out how the design would actually work. Why, I don't know, but hey. Understanding!! So I did a good coloured copy of the mockup, plus filled the rest of the page with some of the design. Have to do the rest of the design stuff on another page, but! Progress! We likes progress.
09 16 17 - \o/
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So I didn't do huge amounts of things today, objectively speaking.

But you know what I DID do?

I did an entire lab that I've been having An Anxiety about for like... three weeks? Four?


Hopefully tomorrow I'll do the next week's lab, which is pmuch a Part Two, haha.
09 15 17 - Fricking brains.
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So today I was pmuch useless.

Did try some homework this evening, but the first thing I tried is Mysteriously Not Working even though as far as I can tell I followed the instructions exactly, and the second bit is a design thing and it's doing my head in sooooo yeah. Sigh.

But mainly I just jiiii'd the fuck out of everything, whoops. >>;;
09 14 17 - Wednesday
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Today I finished watching that lecture! It was kind of difficult, I kept drifting off. But I managed it eventually, and I mostly understand things I think! Tomorrow will poke the homework for that class, yes.

Also finished off the bit of homework I started yesterday, and submitted that, so that was nice. :3 And I made rice, nomnomnom. :9 I really wish that cleaning the rice cooker wasn't such a pita - it didn't used to be, but the coating's mostly come off, and uuuugh. If you don't turn it off the second it pops, things start sticking really badly. :/ Not that I mind microzapped rice! But fresh rice is EXTRA good, yessssss.
09 13 17 - >>;; Time. Stopit. Why you disappear so fast??
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Another day of not getting as much done as I wanted, but I DID do a bunch of domestic stuff, so that's a plus. And I got one bit of homework almost-finished - I just have a bug I'm not sure how to fix, have posted on the forum - and did half of the next one.

Also I started watching the lecture from last Tuesday, when I was at the doctors. I made it like... 10 minutes. >>;;; It's extra hard to concentrate on it when you know you can pause it and come back later, siiiigh.

NTS: put it on when you've got food to eat, maybe that'll help.

And now is time to pass out, yup. So glad I don't have uni tomorrow, I'd get max three hours sleep and basically be a giant useless lump of tired, siiiigh.
09 12 17 - Whoops
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Today my brain went on vacation. Just. What is thinking?? What is awakeness??

Oh brains, why. *sighs*

Maybe tomorrow will be better, though!
09 11 17 - Sunday~
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Today WAS better, yaaaaay!!

I still didn't do a huge amount, but I did eat real food and do some housework and go to the shops to get snacks, so. Yes. :D Good going self, making progress.

Tomorrow is 'try and start to catch up on all the uni work you're behind on', haha. So many thiiiiiings. But I think my brain will be recovered enough that that'll be feasible, which is nice!
09 10 17 - Even when you know it's coming, withdrawal sucks.
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I have done absolutely nothing today.

Like, I didn't even bother getting out of bed until sometime after 4pm. (This was dumb, because I did need to start taking my meds again, obviously, but I don't tend to make very good decisions when a) it's cold and I'm warm and in bed, and b) when I'm dissociating, which is my major withdrawal symptom today. Which is nicer than dizziness, but still not... ideal.)

Anyway, yeah. Withdrawal. It's fun!! Not really. But at least I'd already written today off, so I'm not feeling bad for not doing anything. And I did manage to remember to eat real food, even if it was only once. Dunno if I'll sleep easily, since I've barely been awake even when I've been technically conscious, but I'mma go snuggle up in bed where it's warm, and hopefully tomorrow will be better.
09 09 17 - *flump*
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Assignment is done - rather than go to class, come home, and frantically try and finish it, I stayed back at uni after class and finished it there. I managed to get it submitted and then back home again before I technically would've been late, should I have done things the other way around - but I'm going to be honest, staying at uni to do it a) kept me more focused, and b) was less anxiety-inducing, since it didn't MATTER if I didn't leave uni until 9pm, as long as I got it done on time. (I'm super glad I didn't have to stay back that long, though!)

And of course even though I'm super fucking tired I've stayed up late, because this is how my brain works. *rolls eyes at it*

On the super upside, I can actually try and catch up/maybe even get AHEAD with class work, since next week is uni break! *happydances for uni break!!* But before any of that, SLEEP.

Also, note to self: forgot meds today, again, and forgot to refill emergency ones yesterday, if you're extra fucking out of it tomorrow it's withdrawal, so don't be surprised.
09 08 17 - UGH
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I'm at the point of coding my assignment where I'm 90% sure my *logic* is right, I'm just not sure if what I'm asking it to fetch is what it's actually fetching - datetime shit, so, you know, twenty bajillion different possible functions to use and WHYYYYY

Anyway it's 2am already so I'm... going bed now. Yes. Ugh.

(I'm extra pissed because 'Ni-chan actually asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner with her and a bunch of her cousins I've known forever and some of her other friends and I WANTED TO GO but I'm going to have to come straight home after class and work on this damn thing, since it's due at 9pm. SIGH.)
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