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Name:タニちゃん 「been begging for the morning to come」
Birthdate:Mar 15
Website:ahou miko

make your dreams come true

Please, let's use this chance to turn things around. Named Gaelyn, nicknamed Tani. Female. 20, born on the Ides of March. 5'4", dark brown hair naturally - dyes it red and sometimes black. Has green eyes. Silly. Creative. Emotional. Supposedly smart. Likes to tease. Can't spell. Attempting to be an artist for a living. What you leave behind, and what you choose to be. Gamer. Music lover. Thinks she can sing. Horribly forgetful. Naïve. Lazy. Has a failure complex. Hates liars. Selfish. Gets sick a lot. Big freaking dork. Don't be afraid of what your mind conceives. Loves idiotic redheads and stubborn women. Fan of Chosens, summoners, and RPGs with plots too big to be explained in a paragraph. Likes personified countries, people that pierce the heavens, and castles that move. Also a fan of blood and crazy people, but is terrified of the ghosts that live in her closet. Loves her friends, and would try to protect them with her life. ♥ Together we're invincible.

FANDOMS ► Tales of, Axis Powers Hetalia, Legend of Zelda, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Supernatural
WATCHING ► Supernatural, Axis Powers Hetalia
PLAYING ► Tales of (most of the games), Persona 3 & 4, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, The World Ends With You, and the endless amount of other games she needs to start/finish.
READING ► Howl's Moving Castle, House of Leaves
LISTENING ► Muse, Jakalope, Kerli, The Birthday Massacre, Paramore, A Fine Frenzy, Snow Patrol, Stars, Mika
CHARACTERS ► Zelos Wilder, Sheena Fujibayashi, Colette Brunel, Belarus, Rena Ryuguu, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Yoko Littner, Zelda
SHIPS ► Zelos♥Sheena, Zelos♥Colette, Lloyd♥Colette, Yuan♥Martel, Lloyd&Zelos, Belarus♥Russia, America♥Belarus, England♥Japan, Dean♥Bela, Kamina♥Yoko, Keiichi♥Mion

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[community profile] iam the official Sheena Fujibayashi of Dreamwidth! ♥
Zelos/Sheena is my [community profile] otp! ♥
Sheena and Belarus are my waifus, and Zelos is my [community profile] husbando! ♥
[community profile] idkmybff Lloyd? ♥
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